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Air quality tops public environmental complaints - China - C...
Discovered on 2014-07-27 04:10:50 ·
Among the 696 complaints received by the Ministry of Environmental Protection in the first half of this year, 558 of the total, or 80%, were related to air quality.
A new kind of 'great power relationship'? No thanks, Obama s...
Discovered on 2014-07-27 04:06:29 ·
TOKYO -- While China traditionally attaches great importance to the concept of "saving face," a high-ranking member of its government recently seemed
Thor Heyerdahl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...
Discovered on 2014-07-17 19:12:14 ·
"The Search for Odin" in Azerbaijan and Russia[edit]
Heyerdahl made four visits to Azerbaijan in 1981,[31] 1994, 1999 and 2000.[32] Heyerdahl had long been fascinated with the rock carvings that date back to about 8th-7th millennia BCE at Gobustan (about 30 miles west of Baku). He was convinced that their artistic style closely resembles the carvings found in his native Norway. The ship designs, in particular, were regarded by Heyerdahl as similar and drawn with a simple sickle–shaped lines, representing the base of the boat, with vertical lines on deck, illustrating crew or, perhaps, raised oars.

Based on this and other published documentation, Heyerdahl proposed that Azerbaijan was the site of an ancient advanced civilization. He believed natives migrated north through waterways to present-day Scandinavia using ingeniously constructed vessels made of skins that could be folded like cloth. When voyagers traveled upstream, they conveniently folded their skin boats and transported them via pack animals.

On Heyerdahl's visit to Baku in 1999, he lectured at the Academy of Sciences about the history of ancient Nordic Kings. He spoke of a notation made by Snorri Sturluson, a 13th-century historian-mythographer in Ynglinga Saga which relates that "Odin (a Scandinavian god who was one of the kings) came to the North with his people from a country called Aser."[33] (see also House of Ynglings and Mythological kings of Sweden). Heyerdahl accepted Snorri's story as literal truth, and believed that a chieftain led his people in a migration from the east, westward and northward through Saxony, to Fyn in Denmark, and eventually settling in Sweden. Heyerdahl claimed that the geographic location of the mythic Aser or Æsir matched the region of contemporary Azerbaijan - "east of the Caucasus mountains and the Black Sea". "We are no longer talking about mythology," Heyerdahl said, "but of the realities of geography and history. Azerbaijanis should be proud of their ancient culture. It is just as rich and ancient as that of China and Mesopotamia."

One of the last projects of his life, Jakten på Odin, 'The Search for Odin', was a sudden revision of his Odin hypothesis, in furtherance of which he initiated 2001–2002 excavations in Azov, Russia, near the Sea of Azov at the northeast of the Black Sea.[34] He searched for the remains of a civilization to match the account of Odin in Snorri Sturlusson, quite a bit north of his original target of Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea only two years earlier. This project generated harsh criticism and accusations of pseudo-science from historians, archaeologists and linguists in Norway, who accused Heyerdahl of selective use of sources, and a basic lack of scientific methodology in his work.[35][36]

His central claims were based on similarities of names in Norse mythology and geographic names in the Black Sea region, e.g. Azov and Æsir, Udi and Odin, Tyr and Turkey. Philologists and historians reject these parallels as mere coincidences, and also anachronisms, for instance the city of Azov did not have that name until over 1000 years after Heyerdahl claims the Æsir dwelt there. The controversy surrounding the Search for Odin project was in many ways typical of the relationship between Heyerdahl and the academic community. His theories rarely won any scientific acceptance, whereas Heyerdahl himself rejected all scientific criticism and concentrated on publishing his theories in popular books aimed at the general public[citation needed].
Where Michael Novogratz is seeking alpha...
Discovered on 2014-07-17 18:26:16 ·
Foreign markets could offer the best bet for investors seeking aggressive returns, Michael Novogratz of Fortress Investment Group says.
No Sex, No Success, World Cup Study Finds News The Mosco...
Discovered on 2014-07-06 19:11:53 ·
All World Cup squads that forbade their players from having sex during the tournament failed to make it through to the elimination round, according to an analysis published by Quartz.
Hollywood power couple to launch sustainable plant-based die...
Discovered on 2014-07-06 19:00:09 ·
Suzy Amis Cameron talks to Jo Confino about our addiction to meat and dairy and the benefits of a plant-based diet
Politics intrude into NASCAR garage News
Discovered on 2014-07-05 20:54:19 ·
Swedish driver Jimmy Eriksson achieved his maiden pole in GP3 with a best laptime of 2:05.322 in a difficult qualifying session in the wet. Series leader Alex Lynn will join the Koiranen GP ace on the front row with Marvin Kirchhöfer heading the second row in third position. - 5 July 2014
Boeing fuselages land on river bank after train carriages de...
Discovered on 2014-07-05 20:32:26 ·
A total of 19 cars of the 90-car train derailed in the incident about 30 kilometres east of Superior, says Rail Link Montana
Dark snow: from the Arctic to the Himalayas, the phenomenon ...
Discovered on 2014-07-05 10:44:52 ·
Industrial dust and soil, blown thousands of miles, settle on ice sheets and add to rising sea level threat
Booming economies are not boosting employment in Africa, why...
Discovered on 2014-07-04 06:45:45 ·
The author of a new African economic development report explains how smarter investment can create more jobs
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